hey Santa, my boyfriend made me do this!*

Today was a good day, because it was my day off. And my man didn't had to wake up at 4am( I know). So we spent the morning lying in, eating nice breakfast, listening to Christmas songs and being happy together.
After he left to work I decided to get to town and buy some of the gifts. And I went to see Santa. Which wasn't easy as I'm probably too adult and too pregnant to make it look different then awkward. So I said my boyfriend made me do it*.
But Santa was cool with everything. He treated me like he would any other kid knocking to his lounge room. He even gave me a toy. He also said that Polish women are great cooks. I looked on him suspiciously and ask him how do you know it, Santa? From what I know mrs Santa is not from Poland... But he just blushed under his fake beard and changed subject. So there we are. The best money spent EVER.

* LIE.

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