1 / Light


There's nothing as important as good light for the good beginnings. I looked out of the window in the morning and I could tell the exact way air smelled. I wanted to go for a long walk around the water, but I felt tired, so I had a four hour nap. Don't get all jealous.

Fireworks woke me up at midnight; Husband was sleeping so hard it made me think he would just sleep until war would be over. Kid woke up thought and was kicking heavily and crazy- made me think about poor puppies and small kittens that are afraid of the noise and the flashes.

I kissed my Husband on whatever part of his body was out of duvet, I poked Kid dancing inside and I said 'happy new year guys'. Not did I get any response, not did I expect it.

Then I ate two Gaviscons and I fell asleep. And then there was light.